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While attempting to delete multiple copies of X-Plane 11 on my system I lost my scenery files. I reloaded them using my X-Plane 11 Disks (very slow). During the reload Disk #4 stopped twice, once after a long period of time and once at the very end of disk #4 with a "Invalid Argument" message I chose to continue. At the end of the reload I was given a message that files where missing and only given the quit option.

After the first attempt:

1) I used the installer to update my X-Plane 11 which finished as normal.

2) I reduced the geo locations to just the US and Bahamas and tried to install scenery from my disks again. Disk #4 still had 2 "Invalid Arguments" just as before

3) I am sending you this message asking for help.

I should mention that I have been flying the default King Air C90B for many weeks lately from KLAS (Las Vegas)

and KFLL (Fort Lauderdale) without any problems at all. I have over 200 hours on the default model.

I now wish I had bought the much faster to load digital version. It takes me many hours to down load from Disks.


Jerry Magnuson

Mesquite, Nevada


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If you insert DVD 4 into the drive, and navigate to it in the file picker window, are you able to copy the files off of it & onto your desktop? If not, it may indicate the disk is now defective. If that is the case, you can send me a PM with a copy of your receipt or a pic of the full set, and I can send you a link to order individual replacement DVDs.