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Hi. I just installed the beautiful KSEA Seattle Tacoma International Airport 1.0.2 scenery package from Matthew Lee. I am getting an error message saying that the scenery might not load correctly....see log txt.file. Does anyone know what this means or how to eliminate getting this error message ? Any help would be appreciated.



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Did you read the installation notes fully and download and install ALL of the REQUIRED libraries?


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Hi. All the correct libraries are downloaded and installed correctly. The log txt. file says that the error was with one of the aircraft not loading. It doesn’t really affect the overall scenery, it’s just an error message, but I really wish that the 124thATC would work and not crash x plane 11 when I try to use it with this particular scenery. It works at all the other custom scenery airports I have installed. It’s another error message in the log txt. file. So no ATC which is kind of a bummer


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