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The professional USB at 700+ usd appears quite expensive. Alternatively if I buy the affordable x-plane 10 home use usb dongle, will it still be unlocked for global use or does it have restrictions as the price diff between the two is quite large.

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The purpose of the X-Plane 10 home use USB dongle is only to unlock the sim from Demo mode if you can't or don't want to keep DVD 1 in the drive. It does not include scenery or unlock any of the additional pro use features. There is no home use USB dongle for X-Plane 11 for sale.
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Thanks J. Roberts for your prompt reply. I understand from your comment that I need to download the sceneries from internet and then use the 10 home usb to unlock from Demo mode. This hopefully should get me started as I am a basic flyer.

Could you kindly advise on the addn pro features you mention of. Thanks.
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