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Trouble with X-Plane installer. Here is the message I get once I put my digital key

The file could not be saved. Check that the directory still exist and is not flagged read only

C:/User/PC User 1/Appdata/Local/X-Plane_xdd_11.prf

The file may be flagged as read only

Change the permission on the file so it’s not read only, or create the folder listed in the file path

Well I created the folder because one didn’t exist and I still get this error

Didn’t know that installing a program was this difficult

Help needed!

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Parts of this path may be hidden by default by the OS. You will still be able to use X-Plane, but it will ask you to authorize every time you start because it can't save your DRM information. If you are able to delete the file, it should re-create it the next time you authorize.