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I just bought x-plane 10 and I was till a couple of minutes ago trying to download the full 60GB file.

I have now encountered the same error several times and each time I got it I clicked on the continue button and each time I got the same message, the mysterious: Error: 2:504.
Screenshot of error message:

Now, I can assure you that my PC's specifications are well above minimum spec:

I7 5820k w/o overclock.
16GB's of DDR4 RAM @ 2400mhz.
GTX 780 3GB's w/o overclock
249GB's of space on the HDD I am installing on. (my E: drive)

My internet speed is 500m/bits per second and the download speed I am experiencing is quite slow too, between 0.5 and 9MBp/s. (500mbitp/s = 60MBp/s)
Other than the download speed, I clicked the continue button again and the error has not popped up again since.
The error did appear about 4 times before this.


*UPDATE 2.0*
The installer finished after the full download with the same error, just without a "continue" option.

Screenshot of error message:
Updated log:

I can not install on my desktop as I do not have enough space on my SSD / boot drive to install it on, however, there should not be any restrictions on the "E:" drive.

I hope you can resolve my question quickly as I am very much looking forward to my time with the simulator.

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Hi Jonathan,

Can you upload a copy of the "X-Plane Installer log.txt" found on the desktop? I'd like to see the error note in the log.

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After opening the .exe file that was installed despite the error message, the launcher asked me to update and then the install was finalized.