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I was flying out of Innsbruck, with a flight plan filed, was first vectored to heading 330 (which put me direct into a mountain). I changed my heading, and was soon instructed to descend and maintain 3000ft (which wasn't AGL) Am I doing something wrong, or is flight control trying to take me out?

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X-Plane ATC is not particularly intelligent. It can never replace the improvising ability or area awareness of real people--it has to be scripted and is only able to handle a limited range of situations. In general we expect you to use your better judgement in situations like this, or for a more realistic ATC experience, try online ATC services.
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Thanks for the answer. The ATC lacking intelligence in X-Plane 11 is perfectly acceptable, makes sense, and that's where the users could save the day. If X-Plane gave us a reasonable way to create, share and rate flight plans. Given the customer profile, I'm sure there'd soon be tons of great trips out there in no time.

With the customary "if I thought of that, there's a product out there already" I Googled "flight plan maker" and ended up at: (flightplandatabase com - in case the link gets removed) It's a step in the right direction.