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I am reinstalling Xplane 11 after a long period of time it wasn't in use.

I don't get the "change destination" bottom in the install app so it is installing the FS in HD C.

Can I move it to another disk?

Another problem is that while the install runs I get messages that telling me about corrupt file and suggesting that I can continue with the install and fix it later. How?



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Hi Ayre,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Provided X-Plane is on the desktop or in a standalone directory on your "c" drive ie not mixed within other directories ( isolated from other programs) all you need to do is copy the complete directory to the new location (another drive?) and paste

If you have a desktop icon as a shortcut to start X-Plane you will have to change the properties of the icon to reflect the location of the startup file.

Good luck


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Thanks Glenn,

I"ll try it.

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The x-plane is spread in directory "c" I can't move it.


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