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In some regions of Russia, the X-Plane update servers have been blocked. Can you provide me with a list of update servers for complaining about illegal blocking and fixing this problem.
Through VPN all works.
The answer can be sent to me by email: [email protected]
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Confirm the same!

Can't verify purchase and get updates!

Need list of servers to dispute false blocking!
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Confirming the problem here in Moscow. Wondering if the list of servers was already sent to RKN?

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I confirm this problem in Russia. Can not install or update via web installer. Servers are locked. VPN services solve the problem partially, but the speed of the connection is so low that it is not possible to install the X-plane. It is only possible to update, with a small number of files.
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Very weird issue. Checked log. Found X-plane can't validate self signed (!) https resource (

Founded remedy - copy existing auth.cert file from X-Plane \Resources\Certificates to %USER FOLDER%\AppData\Temp

Sooooo.... There's noting about Putin, russian hackers, it's just something going wrong inside X-plane

Support - nothing helped with this issue! Very disappointed!!!
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Laminar has nothing to do with it. Russia blocked itself. Contact putin.
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I appreciate your humor and perfectly understand that laminars have nothing to do with this. But to unlock the servers, I need to provide their list to our authorities.