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I have a symlink on my Custom Scenery folder which works great with no issues for running X-Plane 11.25b. I thought I could I could run WED 1.6r1 But it does not show my Custom Scenery Folder but I can create a new package and import. As soon as I upgrade to WED 1.7 it says, choose your main X-Plane folder. I select my X-Plane 11 folder and this message box pops up.

'C:\X-Plane 11 is not the base of a X-Plane installation. It needs to have Custom Scenery and Resource/default scenery folders inside it'

This now does not allow me to create a new package.
Many Thanks in advance

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Yes, this is a known limitation in WED. X-Plane can handle symlinks for custom scenery only, but WED needs the custom scenery folder to be in the X-Plane folder as it expects a particular file path.