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Is there a way to make the default steam gauge Cessna 172 use the 430 as opposed to the 530 as the default GPS for Nav 1?  X-Plane is a great way to stay current for real life IFR.  Most planes around here are 430 equipped.  

Thanks in advance.
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I am having the same issue.

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I figured it out.  

1. Make a copy of the 172 folder; just in case.

2. Open the airplane in Plane Maker. Make the 530 the co-pilot and the 430 the pilot device.  Little check block on the bottom of the 3D screen.

3. Under the new aircraft folder in the cockpit.obj change all instances of n1 to n2 and n2 to n1.  There are about 15 of each near the very bottom of the file.  You can edit in any text editor.

4. Under the instruments folder, for both the 430 and 530 objects do the same.  I believe there was a total of 3 changes between the two files.  

Worked like a charm for me.  Flew 3 precision approaches last night in the Cessna with no issues.
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I’ve tried to understand your directions, but I am totally lost.  I’ve opened plane maker, but I don’t find the checkbox your referring to.  I also didn’t find the cockpit file you referred to.
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The cockpit.obj file for steam gauges is called Cessna_172SP_cockpit.obj while the glass is Cessna_172SP_G1000_cockpit.obj. They are both in the root directory of the airplane.  

Under objects in the root folder of the airplane, you will see objects.  Under Objects you will find the instrument folder.  There are the 430 and 530 objects you need to edit.

On plane maker, make sure you open the right version of the 172 you want to edit. Steam or Glass.  Under Standard, select Panel 3D.  Select G530 on the top right side under hierarchy and on the bottom bar you should see the CoPilot CheckBox.  530 should be checked, 430 unchecked.

Hope this helps