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I'm a pilot and I discovered that X-plane supports the possibility to playback FDR files.

During my real flights I usually record GPS data to a GPX file which can be converted to an FDR file using fdr_tools in order to play it back after flight for analysis. I've noticed that X-plane for some reasons freezes during loading if the .FDR file contains more than a few seconds of data, is there a way to solve this issue?

I will upload as soon as possible the dump and log files in this folder: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1qfOubQ2NBrxTs2dRenPb5Lc3yZJ3hBru

Thanks! =)

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That doesn't sound like the right behavior. Does it freeze and have to be force quit, or does it just take a really long time to load? If you see it happen repeatedly with the exact same file / steps, please file a bug here with as much info as you can provide for us to reproduce it on our machines & then investigate.

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Hi J.

Yeah it totally freezes and you can only terminate the process.

The folder I've linked contains everything I can provide (or at least what I'm able to under the technical point of view), including different fdr files I've tested, the logs and a Dump file of the freezed process.

I will fill the bug report, thanks for the suggestion.

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