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I have a windows 10/i7/12gb RAM/AMD R5 M335 laptop and would like to know which version 9/10/11 of x-plane would be better to run on my laptop?

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X-Plane 11 is where all the new development is happening—it's the future. So, if you try the free demo and fine it runs okay (I'd guess it will), I would not suggest using an older version!

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The only error that popped up is shown in the below image.  what exactly is it?

Also as mentioned will xplane-11 not run in my laptop specs?

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You need to turn down the rendering options. You can find full instructions on configuring rendering options in the manual here.

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I tried setting heading, auto pilot, alt limit on the front panel but it didnt seem to take effect.  Can I set all these in the full version?