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Hi there!

I bought a USB OTG adapter so I can plug my X360 controller (Windows version) into my Android. It works fine when flying, but for some reason, I'm having issues when the aircraft is on ground.

I can't take off with my controller plugged in, because when I release the brakes, the nose goes down and the plane crashes. I have the same issue on touch down, where as soon as I touch, the nose pitches down and boooom. When the wheels are not touching the ground, the issue is gone and the plane flies stable (so doesn't seem to be an issue with an axis in the controller).

At the moment, I have to take off and land using the built in accelerometer+gyro controls. When mid-air, I plug in the joystick. I only tested this with the Cessna (don't have other aircrafts yet, and I'm afraid of buying and still have the issue).
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Sorry. It was my fault.

I was pressing "Y" instead of "B" to release the brakes.

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