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I click enable VR and the screen goes back to the desktop no options, nothing period. i do not have steam version. it is regular xplane 11. i do not have the steam vr turned on at any time during running xplane11 11.21
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@astaticmusic, How did you fix your issue? What did you determine was the problem? I have tried to Enable VR in multiple ways and my X-Plane 11 application still crashes each time.

(1) I have tried opening X-Plane without SteamVR running, and then starting SteamVR, and then Enabling VR: fail.  (2) I have tried opening SteamVR, then starting X-Plane, and then Enabling VR: fail.  (3) I have tried opening X-Plane and Enabling VR without SteamVR running: fail.  (4) I have also rebooted to experience the same issue yet again.

My version is X-Plane 11.34
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Did you ever find the issue ?

I literally have the EXACT same experience you had with X-Plane 11.34.  

(So now my new HP Reverb VR sits useless for X-Plane even though they work extremely well with other apps like DCS.)

Please let me know what you discovered !

Thank you.

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Have you tried restarting the computer? This article has some troubleshooting tips based on what headset you are using. If you are NOT using Oculus Rift, you will not be able to run X-Plane VR without Steam VR. More specific help will require more info about your exact set up.