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I made The Scottish Gliding Centre's airfield - Portmoak Airfield - in high detail but the winch position always seems to be at the east end of the main field: the one direction that is worst for local hill/wave soaring. It stays there or nearby regardless of wind direction and sometimes offers a tiny launch distance across or even downwind in any strength.

This applies at other sites so it isn't just my scenery. By the way I would upload it as freeware except I made it with Overlay Editor (can't get WED to do anything) and the uploader seems to expect WED only ???

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Would you be able to upload this for public use on or somewhere similar?

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The winch will pull from the opposite direction of wherever the plane was positioned before choosing Glider Winch from the Aircraft & Situations screen. So if you the winch positioned at the other end, place your glider on the runway you want to take off from. Then choose the glider winch and it should pull from the direction you want.
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Except that it doesn't - like I said above,  most times it still tries to pull from the east end somewhere so putting the glider there facing (say) 240 with even a stong wind coming from there still = a very short launch on say 170. OK so every once in a while it works fine but you can see that still doesn't answer my question.

Perhaps it is because there was no airfield on X-Plane here before I created mine.
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Please zip and attach a copy of your custom scenery and I'll try it out. If I can reproduce it we can look into it further.
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OK here it is - sorry about the delay; work sometimes gets in the way of life!