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I have 3 monitors currently, but I'm interested in making a more realistic experience for my sim.  I would like to be able to set up additional monitors so that, e.g., when I'm flying in the  pattern, I can look at the runway to my left, then straight ahead and then left again, instantly, to judge my distance and bearing to land.  I hate having to use the hat switch on my yoke just to look left or right...

What hardware, monitors, stands, etc do you recommend?
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I can help with hardware thus I am commenting because I don't have a multi monitor setup.

Please correct me if I am wrong but I think you need 3 independent computers with a copy of XP on each one to achieve a "full view". Simply it isn't possible yet but hopefully in the future. There are shortcuts but they can cause major issues with your PC.

You have the money to get 3 PC's? We can start from there.

Must have a powerful GPU, CPU, Ram, and decent cooling.


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If you network all the monitors to one computer, I believe you would just need a larger number in the "lateral field of view" box in the Rendering Options.

1. network the monitors into one large display

2. Expand X-Plane to be full screen

3. adjust the angle to view to show more of the cockpit

Here is the section of the manual that might also be helpful if you bypass the paragraphs about networking multiple computers.