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Hello, all.

Just upgraded to 11.25 and trying to practice a real-world flight I'll be doing next Sunday from N14 to KSDC.I've never flown there before either in real life or in X-Plane. The route goes fine until I reach close to KSDC. Then Xplane crashes after sound-stuttering for a second. I've tried to fly the route twice and all is well until I am within just a couple of NM to KSDC and start to "see it". I tried starting there and as soon as I started the take off roll, it crashed again.

Any ideas?

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Are you using only default aircraft, scenery, etc? If not, try it to see if the add ons may be causing it. 

If it is reproducible with the same steps every time, you can file a bug here for us to investigate. Try to find the shortest set of steps to see it. If it requires a lot of steps or a long flight before seeing the crash, sending a .sit file often helps us investigate faster.

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So, it seems to be an issue related to XEnviro at this time. I disabled that plugin (even after updating it) and with it active, it crashes at KSDC each time. Even just sitting on the runway. There's a momentary stutter, followed by normal operation for about 2 seconds, then a freeze, then a crash. This starts after about 15 seconds after first render. It seems to correlate with XEnviro changing the weather. I see the Altimeter moving just before the crash.

I tried in the stock cessna 172 after your suggestion, and then started with all plugins disabled, adding one at a time and trying different combinations until XEnviro seemed isolated.

Any ideas on troubleshooting this?

UPDATE: Just crashed with XEnviro disabled. Hmm.