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From trawling the forums I see that this is a fairly common problem but I dont find a solution that worked for me.

I have bought two versions of the sim- on Steam and direct download thinking that it might be the Steam Platform. I have done a  complete clean install twice removed Preferences folder but to no avail. It can freeze and crash at any stage during the flight even while still loading. When I do get the chance to fly I get a good FPS rate of round 40 but will crash without any warning.

I really hope there is a solution because I think this is a fantastic sim and I have been flying sims since MSFS 2002.

I include my latest lg.txt file generated today:


Johan Hefer

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There was no indication in the log. It did not show any information on the crash, and there were no obvious culprits such as plugins. If the automatic crash report form comes up, be sure to fill it out & send it in. I would recommend turning off AI aircraft if you are using it, in case it helps (they add more variables that can just go wrong and cause problems).

Sometimes crashes happen in the graphics driver and we have no control over that. There can be a lot of factors. In general, unless you can find a crash that happens with the exact same steps every time, we can’t investigate further. “Random” crashes are nearly impossible to debug.