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Recently I have purchased x-plane 11, whenever I try to install it says the folder I am trying to install to is set to read only or something and then says ERROR: access denied.

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Hi Bucket,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

In looking at the attached "capture" you need to install the software on the desktop or on a dedicated additional drive.  Keep it away from any directories associated with your operating system as shown in the attachment otherwise you will corrupt or not be able to run X-Plane.  Have a look at the Installation guidelines in the manual.

You also need to install the software as the Administrator setup through windows  The message suggests that is not the case.   

Good luck

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By default, X‑Plane will install to the Desktop. Though it can be installed elsewhere (by clicking the Change Destination button), it is strongly recommended that it be placed on the Desktop so that the folder can be found in the future, and so it has correct permission settings. Check destination folder with read/write permissions or move your X-Plane folder to another location. You can read more about installation of X-Plane here and about file and folder permissions here.