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so, a month ago i decided to buy xplane 11 after really enjoying the demo version. Unfortunately i didnt have a strong wifi connection until a week ago, so ive been flying with missing scenery and several aspects. i have decided to update the simulator but when it is scanning for files `permission denied´ keeps popping up. I tried moving the folder to another location as well as downloading the updated installer. i cant find the problem and im not enjoying actually. Please help, i want to finish this asap.
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I don't know MacOS, but could it be your filesystem has some restriction on the number of files you are allowed to create? Quotas, maybe? Can you create (and delete) files manually in the X-Plane folder? The installation log may be helpful to see.

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Make sure you are using the latest installer. You can see the full file path for the problem file in the installer log.txt file, so you can check the permissions on the file and/or folder.