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I read the answer but don't understand. Here's the deal. I believe I did one of two things..I either copied my xplane 10 to a second computer and am using it or I used my installer that I got when I paid for it and typed in number and proceeded with install. If I had done something wrong..would it have flagged me or alerted me that this was wrong? I do not know if this will prevent it from running correctly? I read on the other post..about doing the demo but then when I want the full version on the second machine..wouldn't I have to pay for it. I want to network these two machines together. I have been attempting to a lose but that another question. lol. Just want both to run right. I assume it reads the id of the machines since both would have different id numbers.


Bob M.
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Got an unanswered question about networking 2 computers lol :)

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You can use your digital download code on two separate computers, but only if they are not running at the same time. So you could have X-Plane on your desktop at home and on your laptop for when you travel with no problems. Our piracy check may be alerted if you are using the same code at the same time on two different computers. We have this to prevent someone from stealing your code. If you try to authorize the digital download code and it doesn't work, you can send ONLY the last 8 digits of your product code to [email protected] and they will look up to see if you have been locked out.
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So to run both at same time...I need to buy second copy?  Thank you....
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You might...I'm not 100% sure it won't work though. I can run two at the same time for networking testing but I'm not sure if that's standard or not. Your best bet is to try it out and see if it works or not. If it locks you out just email support and they can get it fixed pretty quickly.