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Computer made upgraded of window 10, since my x-plane 10.51.R2 does not work well, all my cameras

are not where they should be . can I delete x-plane and reload it or is there a place where I can correct

that problem in the software . I have the dvd`s and the dungle.

Thank you
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I think you don't need to delete it... I has no sense doing it (since most of the data is terrain). But you can try renaming the preferences folder and try to update with the installer. The installer should download default configurarions again.

Jean Pierre, I can't really understand what's the bug... is the sim crashing? I don't get what you want to mean with "all my cameras".

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The problem that I have is when I load x-plane and I chose (ex) Cessna 172 sp, If I click on shift 8 I should see the flight instruments but know I see the rear seat of the co-pilot and half of the back seat. if I move the mouse to the instruments I see every thing in a angle of about 45 degree. All the views from shift 1 to 9 are not where they should be. Is there some programming to ajust those views to where they should be

merci , Thank you if I could get that info

Jean Pierre

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You can try restoring all default preferences by moving, renaming, or deleting the entire preferences folder (X-Plane 10\Output\preferences).