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My problem is basically the one described in this topic: https://questions.x-plane.com/2584/flight-loading-airport-scenery-runways-taxiways-appear-landing and it seems it is pretty common.

After a typical 1-2 hour IFR flight, parts of destination airport are not loaded (runway/taxiway network). I noted this also happens even with default airports (runway appears as grass runway). My specs: i7-8700K (o/c to 4.8), 32 Gb RAM, GTX 1080TI, M2 SSD 1 TB. I obviously have pretty high display settings, custom add-on aircraft and scenery (including simHeaven_X Europe). I don't use ortho tiles. My settings are optimised to produce at least 25 fps in the heaviest conditions.

After using 'reload scenery', scenery loads up correctly, but entire process takes about 5 minutes, so it's not an option as I fly on online network and cannot pause for such a long time.

I do have 'threaded optimisation' set to OFF in Nvidia Control Panel.

Could anyone suggest a working solution?

My X-Plane 11 is the latest stable version as of today (non-beta).

Thank you!
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Been seeing that issue too.

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The reports we've seen of this in the past tend to be on dual core machines. The work around in this case is to download & install Dataref Editor. Then open it from the plugin menu in X-Plane and pick the art controls option. When you get to the end of scenery, find the art control reno/draw_fft_water and change it from 1 to 0. Does scenery start to come in within a few minutes? Try a new flight and see if this brings in the scenery now. 

If you are seeing this and your machine has more than 2 cores, please still give this a try, then send a bug report including a log and the results of this.

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Thank you, I have applied this solution and fixed reno/draw_fft_water to 0 with the use of Rendering Options plugin. Unfortunately, runway problem persists.

I now temporary removed several plugins to see if they cause this, will report back.

Meanwhile, is there any other possible solution to this?

Thank you.

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