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I fly 2 hour flights on XPlane 11 and get bored when at cruising altitude waiting for descent. I am wondering what other flight simmers do during long IFR flights? Just stare? Eat? Watch YouTube?

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Hi Dean,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

It is possible to put your view into hyper drive or fast forward (not break the sound barrier) mode.  I saw it done  or explained quite some time back by one of the Laminar staff in this forum and then again a few days ago by Austen Meyer in one of the YouTube videos under the name of Michael Brown (XForcePC fame). He pressed a couple of keys to increase the cockpit view speed as he wanted to get to his destination quicker.  He didn't indicate what keys to press.

Unfortunately I cannot remember how to do it either but I have found the following link at  If that doesn't provide an answer then have a look at the Manual which can be found at 

If that doesn't help hopefully some other flight simmer may be able help.  Failing this last option send me a private message and I will give you at least one email address within Laminar of somebody who should be able to assist.

Good luck


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The option you are referring to is ground speed (alt + t)
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Hi mmms,

Thank you for the information.