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Dear Support Team resp. community,

when I run x-plane 11.25, from time to time the program freezes, than it´s come back an working well. Later it´s freeze again, Comes back and so on.

Before this occure I have round about 25 - 30 fps, this will drop down to 1,5.

I am using an i7-6800k CPU, 32 GByte RAM, NVIDIA 1070 Ti and a SSD Samsung EVO970 Pro.

The OS is Windows 10, 1803 with actual patches

The CPU load is at this moment 20 to 40 %, the GPU load round about 30 %.

The CPU temperature has 55 degree Celsius.

For a while I´ve stopped the virus scanner, but the situation does not Change.

I´ve deleted the folder preferences, also no better job

I have run a stress test with the Intel Tools, all was looking good.

Do anybody have an idea to solve my real challange.

Kind regards,

Horst K

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If it is freezing as if paused, then resuming on its own after a brief wait, most likely loading has gotten backed up. Turning down rendering options or removing add ons may help backlogs get cleared faster.

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I set rendering to the lowest value. I´ve installed no Add ons. Same Trouble.

X-Plane was new installed before from DVD after a new Windows 1803 Installation. Later I´ve got X-Plane 11.25 update. In my opinion the trouble started at this Moment.

Shall I try again a complete new Installation from DVD and see whats happens?
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In general, you will never need to do a full new install. Running the update option in the installer will fix any modified or missing default files. Removing all addons & running the update would return your install to a "nearly new" state.
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Thank You for this Information. I will use this on demand.

Kind regards and thank You very much for the support,

Horst K
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Hi JRoberts, I run the installer, only scenery.txt was found, because I´ve edited it before. After starting the programm again, there was no change. After a while it was freezing again for aproximately 10 - 15 second, than it was working and freezing again and again.

Before freezing the CPU load was at 30 %, the GPU load at 25%, RAM (32GByte) was used about 25 %.During freezing time the CPU and GPU dropped to nearly 5 %, I have to the parallel running ASUS Dual Intelligent Processors 5 program to observe the CPU temperature and to the taskmanager looking for load of CPU, GPU etc.

So in my opinion there is something wrong with x-plane. It is really no nice to work with it under this conditions.

Kind regards,

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Today I´ve run several tests again trying to solve the problem. I observed, that aways when x-plane freezes, there was a Windows sound (disconnecting, connecting USB unit).

Firstly I have disconnected all not needed USB units.

Secondly I start to delete the USB Units by using the unitmanager of Windows, until I reach the keyboard and mouse hub.

After coldstart the connected USB unit are coming back.

Thirdly I´ve started x-plane. The ILS approach by using the autopilot to LOWI RWY26 was working properly. No freezing and no Windows sound was coming up. I´ve try it now three times without faults. 

I really do not understand these situation frown, but it seems that it works now smiley.

Kind regards,

Horst K

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