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I recently purchased, downloaded, and installed X Plane 11.  Also installed the update when prompted.  Everything worked great until I tried to access the checklists.  It froze after that and I had to kill it with Task Manager.  After that time, the app will boot up to the main screen.  But, when I select an aircraft (Cessna) and an airport (anywhere), the progress bar shows everything loading until near the end, when it references "cirrusSF50.acf".  The progress bar stops there and the app freezes.  Nothing I do with the keyboard or mouse makes any difference.  I have to kill it each time.

Is there anyway to reset X Plane without having to re-install it?

I've attached the log from today.

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There are some errors like "Found an illegal name for a runway end..." and "Could not find tile...".
Turn off your plugins and you can run again installer to scan existing files and then update/refresh/reinstall missing or corrupted files.
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Problem with that is I can't get past the initial screen to the screen where the plug-in menu lives. Unless there's some other way to access that...?
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Run "X-Plane 11 Installer.exe" and try to update/refresh/reinstall missing or corrupted files. Mayby cirrusSF50.acf file is corrupted

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