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This bug is simple to reproduce:

1. Load a plane with 2D panel (yes, they are still useful with cockpit sims)

2. Open graphics settings, find visual offsets and change vertical offset to say 1 degrees.

3. Observe 2d panel not displayed anymore.

Expected behavior would be to shift the outside 3D visual 1 degree and keep the 2D panel on screen.
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A developer looked at the bug report and said:

This isn't a bug, this is on purpose! The 2-d panel shows up only in views where the camera is straight ahead. Why does the reporter want this? We can change the behavior but I'd like to see a not-insane use case.
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If I've understood correctly the offsets change what is "straight ahead" and that's what I'm trying to do.

In my usecase, I need a full screen outside view with yaw string for a cockpit simulator. X-Plane doesn't support this, so I've created a transparent 2D panel with yaw string as generic needle instrument. But in 2D panel view horizon is too high in neutral flying position so I'd like to change vertical offset to move horizon to center of visual.

I understand this is marginal use case. But on the other hand, why should setting the offsets to anything but zero hide the 2D panel? I don't see any reason for that.
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Another update:

Oh that is a bit marginal. IF the only reason for the view offset is to change the horizon (and everything else is 'dead center') you can change the horizon line using the view attributes in Plane-Maker....

Viewpoint window, cockpit tab, "screen centers" section - those are pixel offsets for where the horizon is in each view type and can just be moved up and down...doing so does NOT make the 2-d panel go away.
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Thanks, I'll try this. I didn't fully understand how the screen centers section worked.
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Tested, and this solution works. The Plane-Maker UI is not very clear on what the values do but I was able to change the view offset this way. Thanks!

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I was also able to reproduce this with a default 2d aircraft. This is filed as XPD-9354. That number will be listed on release notes once fixed.