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I have been running X-Plane 11 for almost a year now and I think it is a fantastic application on the whole. There are however two things that frequently occurs which I find very annoying

1)  ATC often directs me into mountains at the approach flight and there is no way to reply: “No can do”.  Example: Coming from MUHA (Havanna) to MKJP (Kingston) I get ordered to fly a direction and altitude that leads straight into Blue and John Crow mountains. So I have to change my flight plan and getting a new clearance to try to come in from another direction but again get directed to mountains.

2) ATC taxi arrows leads through buildings and parked airplanes. Example KBNA (Nashville intl.)

Other than that I am having a lot of fun flying around the world.

Thank you

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The ATC is not as smart as real ATC controllers, so it has an unfortunate tendency to suggest you fly into mountains. Use your best judgement and avoid doing so. ;) You may have to cancel the ATC flight and file again from mid air so that ATC picks you up again.

The taxi route depends on how the taxi lines were drawn by the scenery artist, if applicable. If it has auto-generated ATC routes, it is unsurprising if they are unrealistic. I looked at KBNA in WED, and it appears it does not have hand-drawn taxi routes, so the autogenerated ones are going to be illogical.

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Thank you for a quick reply.

I do understand that the vast number of airfields makes it almost impossible to hand-draw taxi routes for each and every airfield, but I think that at least every country's capital or major international airfield should be corrected.

 Would it help if you get a list of which of these airfields have strange taxi routes ? Or is this something I as an enduser could learn to correct and support you with the result?

Best regards

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We have made it a priority to get detailed scenery for major airports, and the Gateway has unique scenery for the world's 30 busiest airports, and all of the US class B airports. Some of them may vary in how detailed they are though.

Yes! You can contribute to this effort by registering as a scenery artist on the Gateway and modifying airports in WED. There is a manual here and a series of video tutorials here.