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The vertical speed and display flickers, both visually and a clicking sound even when the sim is paused.  It seems to do this when not set to a specific vertical speed setting under approximately 200 fpm.

This issue also happens on other planes with the sim too.

The noice is very frustrating, but more importantly, it is difficult to change the setting too.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Do you see this on default aircraft or only add on aircraft? Remove all plugins and see if that stops this from happening.
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Really appreciate your answer. I will certainly try that. If this fixes it, do I assume it is a particular add on that causes the issue?  If so, how will I deal with that?

The problem occurs on both default and add on aircraft.
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This definitely fixed the problem thanks.

Would you start putting the plugins back to identify which one was causing the issue?

Thank you
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Yes you can put them back one at a time until it reappears. Or you can add them in small groups if you have a lot. It could also be a combination of plugins.