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Hi there, 

I use a X52 H.O.T.A.S joystick (attached is the throttle side). Now, I hope I can describe this as fluidly as possible... Basically what occurs is that the round wheel (surrounding the "i" button on the lower right side of quadrant) is default bound to my nose wheel tiller (in sim) and what has occurred is that the sim has now bound that wheel to my AP vertical speed wheel as well as the Nose wheel tiller in the B738 and Zibo. I have done a refresh of my preferences and unbound the wheel externally but it still seems to have the vertical speed wheel set to it permanently. I would like to unbind the vertical speed wheel as if I were to bump or slightly move the wheel, the 738 would go into a terrific nosedive. 

Furthermore, I would like to clarify that i have checked the entire log file to verify that nothing was changed or bound. Please could someone help me as I would not like to reinstall XP11 as I have a ton of scenery in the sim of which I would also not like to copy to an external drive as this would probably take around a couple of hours. 

Thanks in advance

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So it turns out that a plugin called "xJoy" was the result for the sticky binding. Xjoy apparently also has major other relating problems so i would therefore recommend against downloading it.