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After upgrading to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, X-Plane 11 (both 11.11, then upgrade to 11.25) crashes to desktop during the splash screen.

I also ran XP from the command line and same crash.

It is possibly a missing dependency and not a bug in XP.

It worked fine with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS before the upgrade.

XP 10.52 still works as does XP11 Planemaker.

How do I upload log.txt and crash.txt? I don't see any insert file button.  I did send a crash report.

Everything loads normally up to this point in the log.txt file :

0:00:12.148 I/NET: Skipping interface lo, flags=10049
0:00:12.148 I/NET: wlp4s0 :
--=={This application has crashed!}==--
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OK, I finally got to the bottom of the problem so I hope this helps anyone else who finds their sim crashing on startup. Always check your plugins. In my case it was a plugin called Xweather causing the crash on Ubuntu 18.04. I moved all the plugins out of the plugin folder, and XP then started fine. Then I put them back one at a time until the faulty plugin caused it to crash again. I then went to the org website and checked the download page for the plugin and lo and behold, the author had uploaded a recompiled version compatible with Ubuntu 18.04 awhile back which I hadn't spotted. So it's all working normally now.
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I am not sure but try moving your custom scenery files to another directory.
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I will try in about a week as I am going on a trip. Will report back.