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How do I change the sound  of the landing gear int a heli that as been changed before but not by me

The aircraft is the air wolf that a person made and the had the sound of the landing gear different now it's changed how do I make the switch between the two as a new person to x plane I'm not really used to all of this I use to run fsx and it didn't give me options like this so in some aspects I like it but in some I don't u don't have as many Helios as fsx nor plane chioices when u first start but the amount to go through to get more is a pain and the price is lower here and the quality in how many buildings and moving cars at a airport is too when u first start fsx u get choices of emergency vehicles and such government nag to the plane and the fuel tankers and such but here nothing moves and u have to have add ons which suck cause of what they coast

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I do not think you can change the sound of the landing gear hitting the ground unless you made the plane.
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You will need to check the licensing on the plane in question. X-Plane does not put a license or limitation on the planes made with Plane Maker, but individual artists or hosting sites may. If you make your own plane, you can customize the sounds by following these instructions.