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I would like to practise the asymetrical flight with the default BE58 airplane in my new XPlane 10.

I have a SAITEK Pro-Quadrant. I would like to use it to put the piston propeller in position 'feather' but I am unable to find the right parameter in the Buttons Basic or Advanced tabs.

Could you indicate me how I can do this, if it is possible?

Thanks a lot.

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In X-Plane 5 (!) it (propeller pitch) was F5 to F8 or Shift-F5 to Shift-F8 (for Propeller 1 to 4), but I didn't find the keys for X-Plane 10. In X-Plane 11 the keys seem F3 and F4. "auto-feather" commands seem unassigned, however. In X-Plane 10 the commands (auto-feather) seem unavailable.
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Ok, thanks.

It's hard to believe that the XPlane 10 development team had skipped this parameter ...

So I'm risking the crash if I can't feather my dead propeller!!!
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Hi crashdummy.

I have eventually been able to test the feather with my SAITEK Pro-Quadrant with XPlane 10 under windows 7.

Things have changed since the last time I used XPlane 9 with my SAITEK Pro-Quadrant.

I reinstalled my simulator in that order:

1/ I did the XPlane 10 installation.

2/ I downloaded three drivers from the ex-SAITEK (new Logitech) site for the rudder pedals, the yoke and the quadrant.

3/ Then I plugged my hardwares in the USB ports.

And everything seems to work well.

And even I am still not able to find a parameter to choose the feather position of a propeller, with my SAITEK Pro-Quadrant, I am now able to put a propeller in the feather position when I apply my propeller lever in the reverse position.

I made a test on the default Beechcraft 58 on the ground where it is possible to see the propeller in the feathered position.

Thanks for your help anyway. Wishing you a Happy New Year!