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I am attempting to add more scenery to x plane 11.It asks for disc  2 and then nothing happens.I tried a different area and it asked for disk 6 but again nothing.The disks are seen by windows in file explorer.I already have North America and Europe installed but no luck with anything else.Can you help please.

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Double check that the correct disk was inserted. X-Plane will not warn you if it's the wrong one.  You can also manually copy the files from the DVDs to the Global Scenery folder if necessary. If there was any sort of error message, upload the installer log.txt to a sharing site and provide a link to it.
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Thank you for your reply.There was no error message just nothing happening when inserted the disc which was the correct one.To manually copy the files would i have to put everything from all of the discs to the scenery folder as it seems you need to put several discs in to load up any particular area.I was attempting to install South America.Is it a straightforward procedure to copy files as I am not too familiar with the process.Once more thank you.