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I had the digital demo version installed and recently purchased a boxed version containing a full set of DVDs. Installer works fine and disc 1 is recognised. The problem occurs when I choose which scenery areas that I want to install. It prompts me to insert disc 3 (for example). However it doesn't seem to recognise the disc. I have left it for up to an hour and nothing happens. This occurs with any of the other numbered discs containing scenery. I have had to cancel the scenery installation each time. Is it a windows 10 problem? I have checked Autoplay is on and it recognises disc 1 when I run the installer. As a work around I have manually copied the scenery files directly from the DVD into the relevant x-plane folder. Manually copying the files appear to work as when I run the installer again and choose to add scenery the map seems to show the additional areas installed.

Sorry for being a little long winded but can someone tell me if this work around is OK for installing the scenery files from the DVDs?

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Hmm - is this behavior present on other computers as well?