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i need to put al the buttons and axis of my joystick back in, net configuration from my iphone.......

it does not save anything. why is that, and what can i do? i installed it againg, but with the same result.....

please help


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also when i put in a plugin it does not work..... i dont know why...... i put it in plugin folder as it schould be but..... does not work in the sim

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Hi Pascal,

I'm not sure from your initial question if you are trying to use X-Plane 10 for mobile or for desktop. They are two entirely separate products and nothing will transfer from one to the other. So if you have been using the mobile app and just recently installed the desktop sim, it will only have the default settings and you will have to set everything up the first time. Calibrate your joystick, customize buttons or keys, etc. Here is a link to the manuals that might help.

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I have the desktop version bought, and a app that works with it... But really everytime i need to reassign all my buttons and recalibrate aswel as put my phone ip in every single time.... It does not save, i dont understand....
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Check that your preferences are set to save by going to the Settings menu -> Operations & Warnings. Make sure the box "discard changes to preferences" under the start up box is NOT checked. Then X-Plane should save your net connections set up, buttons, hardware calibrations, etc any time you make a clean exit of X-Plane. If X-Plane crashes, it might not save all your changes.