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I opened x plane 10, then it said use demo or unlock full version, i clicked use demo then something happened. It said random things that i already know and it kicked me out. I really need help on this one, can someone tell me how do i play the demo? If you know how, please tell me how and also i'm using a mac.

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Hmm, that does sound really strange. When you start X-Plane you should click the button for the demo since you don't have a product key or DVD. There should be a short little intro, maybe a "quick lesson" on some of the default keys to use to fly, and then you should be able to use the sim for up to 15 minutes with no problem.

Please try to reproduce this again. Please take screenshots of the "random things" and note what happens right before it "kicks you out." Then upload a copy of the screenshots and your log.txt (found in the main X-Plane folder after you exit the sim). Please be a detailed and specific as possible about what you see and do!
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How do i post a screenshot to other people?

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