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After installation X-plane 10, the Updater unable to connect to server. And so, the Flight  factor'sB-757 doesnot start up.
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Hello, what is happened? the both X10-11 updater doesnot working?

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I have the same problem with updating. The server will not D/L updates and this is preventing me from opening the program.
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yes, the updater written could not connect to server during month
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Hi Patriot716,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Have you disabled your antivirus and or malware software before attempting the update? Try this possible solution.

Are you running X-Plane as administrator?  You need to set this up within your operating system.

Are you trying to link X-Plane 10 and X-Plane 11 together as hinted/implied in one of your comments?  They are totally different products as standalone systems.  The software will not mix and match with the other.

Attach your complete log.txt file (no trunkcated version) for others having a greater knowledge base than me to try and resolve your problem.

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Hello, thank You for your recommendations, but their are unable resolve the problem. I switch off windows defender (windows 10 v1803) and brandmower -no result! I have not any antivirus yet. I started up Instaleer/updater like administrator -the same! I tried to update/install on different computer separately X10/X11-no result!! the best way- I suppose- connect to me via TeamView- and check the problem
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Hi - We (LR) are not aware of any major issue with our installer at the moment. Our host (Highwinds) has had some occasional issues but the vast majority of those are solved with a quick reload of the installer. Are you guys having this issue on-going?
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many of us are having simalar problems with highwinds cdn