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There is no way to attach the log - why????  Even more frustrating.  It takes 5 hours to load the program from DVDs and I see it will take 4 GB to update.  Please help I have got nowhere.

Anyway here is the final paragraph of the log (no way to paste log into this box):

"Unable to load the shader file:  resources/shafers/legacy.glsl"


Marcus Hodge
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I have had difficult problems on X-10 and it frequently fails adding more scenery.  I actually bought a second copy of 10 and neither one work correctly.  In both X-10 and 11 I can only use about 2-3 or the airplanes and others can run of sorts, but you can only use a large picture (e. the C-130) and can use a generally unusable version.  The Cirrus works very well, but again, on the X-10 has broken scenery

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Hi Marcus

I'm just a fellow simmer in the UK, but I believe that the file the system can't find is C:\X-Plane 11\Resources\shaders\legacy.glsl (not shafers).

Go into File Explorer, click on Local Disk (C:), double click on the 'X-Plane 11' folder, then the 'Resources' folder and then the 'Shaders' folder and look down the list of files.

You should find the legacy.glsl file in there. If not let me know?