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I had a very odd problem in the last couple of weeks with X-Plane 11. I played it for the first time in a long time and got a new Joystick. After plugging in the Joystick I noticed that my planes were pulling to either the left or the right side on the ground. So I checked the Joystick ofc. But after looking into the input data in the sim my Joystick wasn't even putting out any input. And after plugging out my Joystick the problem was still there. Rudder and elevators were not moving at all and were all at 0. But the aircraft still pulled to the right or the left. Then I noticed that all aircraft pulled to a specific heading which was 233 or sth like that. The Autopilot was not engaged nor was 233 dialed in as a heading. So I decided to reinstall. After I reinstalled my X plane 11 the problem was gone for a couple of days. But today it occured again which is why I am reinstalling it now for the second time. One thing to note is that before the problem happened again I installed the terrain radar mod which the Zibo 737 uses and scenary for the LKPR airport.

Any help regarding this problem is much appreciated

(The joystick I am using is the european version of the VKB Gladiator mkII. the Ravcore Javelin )

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