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I would recommend you to add an online Mode with Atc and real Time voice Communication, that would be the best feature in X-Plane.

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Yes, you can join friends within X-plane 11

Google, "Whats my ip address" note it, get your friends to do the same, share. On the Settings/Network Tab, upper right, input your friends ip addresses adding a line each. Get them to do the same.

You may all need to open UDP port forwarding on each router/firewall (49000-49010) - check youtube for your models, if you dont know how.

Ensure you all disconnect xSquawkbox and iVap using PluginAdmin (Upper Left Dropdown Menu) simply untick.

I use Discord for inter aircraft comms
LR need to invest a little work as currently multiplayer doesnt send livery data.

Hope this helps

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Hi Lukas,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Have you read the manual?

My interpretation of what you want can be found in the answers at  or and finally at 

If you also have a look at "related questions" listed down the right hand side of your question you may find other answers as well.

Again if all else fails read the manual. 

Good luck