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I go on to xplane 10 today and tried to file a flight plan but when I hit my return key all that pops up is a black text box that I can type on. the day before when i clicked my return key I would get the file flight plan option. If anyone has a solution to this please let me know. thanks

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Hi there,

This behavior sounds familiar. When I have seen this before, it turned out to be a box was checked in the net connections screen. If you had tried networking computers together or using an iPad with X-Plane, and those settings get left on, sometimes it breaks the ATC dialog box. (If you're flying with friends, the enter key is used for chat instead of ATC.)

So go to the Settings menu -> Net Connections and double check that everything is turned off under all the tabs.
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We had this same problem.  The answer given solved our issue. Thanks so much!