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None of the custom scenery packages I've added from the Scenery Gateway change the display of the airports I've downloaded.   I also cannot file a flight plan or communicate with ATC within X-Plane. I would like to become accustomed to ATC communications within X-plane before going online for simulated ATC control.

I am using version 10.30r3 build 105009 64 bit.

system details:

core i7 40ghz, 64GB ram, GeForce GTX1080 8GB Vram

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I might be able to help you with the ATC function - I have mine working and discovered the manual doesn't fully explain it. I'll tell you what I did on my set up....I have a yoke so I programed one of the buttons on the stearing wheel to activate ATC. You can do this is the joystick settings in the menu. I click the button and  dialoge box pops up. with your mouse click the selections. These will go in order of your trip. But you have to make sure your com radio is tuned to the right frequency for ground or tower or clearence....whatever is avail at the airport. Make sure your com is selected correctly. I have two of them so I set one to ground, the other to tower and start with ground. f there is a separate clearence freq. you start with that one. Once you receive an instruction from ATC you then memorize it and then click your button again to call up ATC and you will see two choices, one says repeat the other says replay - I think - you want to hit the repeat choice and you will here a different voice - that of the pilot - or you - who repeats back to ATC their follow this pattern from taxi to take off and beyond. It's pretty cool once you get the rythym of it.
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Been there, done that.  I'm wondering is Windows 10 OS is an issue.  I just read a question from someone who cannot even run XP10 on that OS.  At this point, I'm hoping that XP11 will not have that issue.