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I'd like to ask for a few new datarefs but I do not know whether this is the right place to ask. In case it is not, please give me a hint where I could put my feature request.

In case it is ok to ask for new datarefs here, this would be my request:

There are commands defined for the FMS keys (e.g. sim/FMS/next) for accessing the FMS from an external plugin. However, I would also like to display the FMS lines in the external plugin (basically a real FMS with keys and a small screen). So, how about a dataref per FMS line, such as sim/FMS/line1, sim/FMS/line2 (byte array of chars of that line)



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no, this is not the right place. It is for questions only.

If you feel this is a bug, submit it here. Otherwise, maybe ask on another forum.