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When flying through most light color clouds HUD virtually disappears (washes into the light color background).

In most instances, and also industry standard, green HUD color works great, however in simulation applications the green tends to disappear (for me) as stated.  Any way to incorporate a secondary HUD color option.  I have utilized other programs that incorporated a deep red color that shows up quite well over light color clouds. Perhaps simply hitting the "h" key to cycle between intensities and colors would be a great feature addition.

Operating a 2017 29IMAC, 2d panel and HUD
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I agree, the HUD in the current X-plane 11 is not visible in daylight conditions.
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I had originally submitted this as a feature request, and in addition also submitted this as a bug report in hopes this may generate a prompt "fix".  Again a potential fix would be to use the 'industry standard' green color as the default with an option to cycle to a deeper color (ie. dark green or dark red, etc.)

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