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This problem was noted already when I tried 11.26 Beta, so I went back to version 11.25, and the crash problem was gone!

Problem description:
After ca 20-40 min the X-plane 11.26 is causing sound trouble and thereafter crash.
The reason is some kind of conflicts with other stuff in the Custom Scenery folder.
Exactly with what I can't say, and I have some who is necessary for EHAM extra Airport etc. They all in the master list at

I have made a bug report, and hopefully the problems is going to be detected?

Replace the "Custom Scenery Folder" from version 11.25 ore earlier version and XP works fine. AND DO NOT RUN UPDATE - If so the files causing the problem will be added to the "Custom Scenery Folder"

IF ANYONE KNOWS MORE OF THIS PROBLEM - ad a answer please ;)
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Ive received a e-mail from Jennifer this evening, and she said that there is no new files in "Custom Folder" from v 11.26. Maybe test with older custom Scenery folder, from earlier version, - if you try this solution.

PLEASE let me know if the problem is solved, or not, if try this.

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I have been frantically trying to revert to X-Plane 11.25. Can you please tell me how you accomplished this?
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I just made a copy of a earlier version before update, its no possibility to get 11.25 from X-plane, I have tried.
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Here is what you can do.

Download a brand new copy of of XP, and copy your settings for joystick and keyboard to preferences folder, found in  in Output folder, and then copy your plugins to the plugin folder.

Make a zip file as backup.

Thereafter download new Scenery to be shore you have the latest. Install them in groups and start with your favours sceneries. then fly, at least 3 times and thereafter install more sceneries.

I have done this, to be shore that not miss any updated sceneries and so fare it works fine, have tried my sceneries who demands for  EHAM and ESSA airports, and so fare no crashes when fly. When try to fly with the old version with more sceneries it crash each time.

Sooner or later i will find that a installed scenery course a crash, then I know but still not there.