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How can i get new aircraft model

I am looking for AW-139 as of now

I need more modal from Airbus also.

what is the procedure to follow

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Hi jipson,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

The only aircraft available from Laminar Research is what is provided with X-plane11.

Any additional aircaft have to be purchased from a 3rd party.  Initially start your search through Google for the helicopter you want.  I did and came across a site that may have gone broke but are still operating here in Australia.  I think they also operate world wide.

You may like to start with www.xplane.org (3rd party and not Laminar linked) who have freeware and payware aircraft available just for X-plane users.  They also have a very good forum.

I also googled the helicopter you have a liking for and found a reference in the Xplane.org forum.  Comments were not to favourable regarding the seller. Seemed to be a scammer as well

Good luck with your search.  As stated above Laminar only provides sufficient aircraft to whet your interest and you have to do your own searching


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