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I've been using X-10 plane 10 for a week or so and the ctrl-num pad worked initially to remember views I wanted to save. Now for some reason this function  has stopped working. HELP!

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Try pressing Num Lock on the keypad
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Thanks. I did try that with the same result.  If I set up a particular view and the enter for example ctrl-numpad 6 the view just shifts slightly to the right.  Or ctrl-numpad 2 the view just shifts slightly down. Whether or not the numlock ket is set or not same result.  I wonder if somewhere as I way playing around with the new program I entered something that just messed up a config file somewhere.  In any event I deleted the X-Plane 10 folder and have re-downloaded and installed the program. I'll see if the same error occurs. Thanks very much for your suggestion.
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I did delete and re-install. Now all works as advertised. The Num Lock key does the trick/ Thanks

Noel Anderson