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Hello, first I just wanna say that I am aware this has probably been asked before, and also I'm not an addon developer or any good with coding.

So my question is, why haven't u made it easier for addon devs to make addons. I'm a huge fan of fsdt and they make very good add-ons like GSX (https://www.fsdreamteam.com/products_gsx.html). I'm gonna post a quote from fsdt on why they haven't considered x-plane yet. https://imgur.com/a/YVmWenD (link for quote)ยจ

could u try to explain why u haven't done this yet?

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All due respect, I would disagree with your findings. You yourself are not an addon developer so I'm not quite sure how much you can relate to this, but X-Plane is becoming easier and easier to develop add-ons for, more so than other flight simulators. Applications like W.E.D. and PlaneMaker are becoming increasingly versatile. The main reason there has generally been more add-on development in the past for other simulators is simply due to the larger community following. However, as X-Plane drastically increases in popularity, add-on development has also dramatically increased.

There is nothing to explain. Dev tools have been constantly improving. It is a process. It is not Laminar Research's job to support SDK tailored to a specific development team, as there are already many developers on the XP side using different means of creation. Obviously the hope is that more developers are able to jump to X-Plane, but frankly the L.R. team can only do so much. Perhaps after the release of 11.30 there could be more focus on what you discuss, but I couldn't say.

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