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Yesterday, I ran the X-Plane (Mac OS X) and selected Update. 

Today, most everything seems to be working ok, but I don't hear ATC Check Altimeter, nor get AWOS when I tune to nearby AWOS frequencies.

Sadly, I trashed the update log file.  The only thing I remember of note was "Removing Custom KLAS Scenery" (didn't know I had any KLAS custom scenery installed).

Anything to check, or do I need to blow this install away and rebuild?


Airport: KLNA (Lantana Florida) or KPBI (West Palm Beach Florida)
X-Plane 11.26r2 (recently updated - latest as of today)
Mac OS X: 10.13.6 High Sierra

Aircraft:  Cessna 172 G1000 or Custom v11 compliant (per the plane builder)  LongEZ with G530

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I reinstalled (it said 11.05), updated (it said 11.25 on start up screen, but About says 11.26r2) and the problem went away.
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Perhaps I didn't need to re-install - it may be that I turned off ATC audio and text in the sound preferences trying to get rid of X-Plane's sim traffic communications when I am flying with IVAO.  

I need to figure out how to see all the IVAO piloted aircraft, but not have any X-Plane auto-generated aircraft.